The Best Sports in the World

Which is the best sport in the world? That’s a question that many people ask themselves, and it’s one of those questions where you can’t really give a definitive answer. There are so many sports out there and each one has its own set of rules and strategies. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular sports in the world to find which one deserves to be called “the best.”

Sports have been around for centuries with evidence suggesting they were played as early as 2000 BC. The first organized team was created by English soldiers during Roman times who would play various ball games against enemies while imprisoned together after a battle or on leave from war campaigns. Since then, these activities have evolved into the modern-day sports we know and love today.

What makes a sport “the best” is somewhat subjective and based on preference, but there are some elements that many would agree make it truly special: variety of play, level of skill required, amount of strategy involved, personal connection to support teams/players, etc. Some activities check more boxes than others; here’s our take on which ones deserve top honors as the world’s finest pastime.

Football (soccer)

When you hear the word “football,” what sport immediately comes to mind? If your answer was anything besides “soccer” then there’s a good chance that football isn’t your favorite. Soccer is one of those sports where while some may scoff at it, others are die-hard fans who will defend their love for the game with fervor. It truly is an international phenomenon and can bring entire countries together regardless of language barriers or cultural differences. While not everyone understands exactly how soccer works, its popularity throughout the world cannot be denied. And if more people were playing it on TV rather than American Football, perhaps Americans would appreciate this beautiful game even more too!

Baseball / Cricket

The bat-and-ball sport of cricket isn’t very popular in the United States, but it’s huge around the world. Played by two teams with eleven players each on a large field, there are various ways for runs to be scored. Cricket is one of those games that can last hours upon hours and no one will ever complain because they’re having so much fun!


Like soccer, tennis has its fair share of haters who don’t enjoy watching what looks like people hitting balls back and forth across a net all day long. However, if you take some time to learn about this game then maybe you’ll find yourself becoming more interested than expected. It requires skill and strategy just as much as any other sports out there; even when it seems like the players are just hitting back and forth over and over again, there is always more going on than meets the eye.


You don’t have to be a tall person to excel at basketball. This sport doesn’t require you to muscle your opponent out of the way or use brute force in order for points to be scored; some would even argue that it’s harder if anything since you need both height AND great shooting touch in order to become good at this game! The NBA may not have as many fans around the world compared with soccer, but those who do love watching will never stop cheering their hearts out whenever Kobe Bryant makes an incredible shot from half-court, no matter how much they hate his team.

Ice hockey

It’s fast-paced, aggressive, and full of collisions and people cannot get enough of it! Ice hockey is a sport that requires strength, speed, quick thinking, good balance, finesse, coordination between team members, endurance to avoid fatigue during long games, etc. It may take some time getting used to if you’re not familiar with the rules or strategies involved in this game since there are so many elements at play all at once. Once you become more versed however then ice hockey can easily become your favorite sport too!


One reason why rugby has shot up the list of sports being watched by Americans over recent years? The fact that women have joined teams just as much as men. This pastime is one of those sports that doesn’t care about your gender; if you’re tough and willing to play, then rugby is happy to have you. It’s a sport where everyone works together as a cohesive unit in order for points to be scored and watching men and women tackle each other without protective gear will leave viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end!


Though tug-of-war may not immediately come to mind when people think of sports, it’s actually quite impressive what these athletes can do. Pulling an object with another person (or more) requires strength, coordination, balance, endurance, etc.; this isn’t just some backyard game played by children or bored adults looking for something to do on a lazy afternoon. Tug-of-war is a serious sport that requires training and practice in order to become good at and it will keep spectators glued to the edge of their seats too!


Though dodgeball may seem like an easy, childish game, it’s actually one of those sports that can be quite challenging once you get into it. This pastime definitely teaches people how to take care of themselves since they need speed, hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, etc., in order to avoid being hit by another player’s projectile. And when throwing things isn’t your strong suit then maybe participating as part of the team (by catching!) might work better for you instead; either way this fun, competitive game will have you out of your seat cheering until the final point is made!


There are a lot of running games that involve tagging others in order to score points, but tag definitely stands as one of those sports that just about anyone can play. By trying to touch another player without being tagged first, this pastime develops speed and swiftness from participants who need quick reflexes just as much as they need endurance. And with so many variations from freeze tag to shark tag, there’s something for everyone no matter their age or fitness level. So whether it’s played on a playground during recess or at school carnivals, there should be more people giving this fun, lively sport a shot since it doesn’t require much other than a willingness to have fun!


This is probably one of the most popular sports around the world and for good reason. Soccer requires teamwork, endurance, speed, hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, etc., which are skills that carry over into just about every area of life. Watching soccer has also become an international pastime with fans cheering on their favorite teams during World Cup competitions; it doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for England or Germany or even Iran! All that matters in this sport is having a love and passion for kicking and running and hoping your team wins (even if they don’t always). Still, though there is something inherently satisfying watching players work together as part of a unit rather than as individuals and it’s that aspect of soccer that makes this sport so fun to watch!

Running/Track and Field

It’s easy to see why running is a popular pastime. It requires endurance, speed, stamina, etc.; these are all skills that athletes need in order to be successful during track and field events. And with races ranging from 100 meters up to marathon distances, there’s something for everyone here no matter the preferred distance or fitness level. There may even come a day when you’re watching your favorite runner cross the finish line as Olympic champion! But either way simply enjoying the thrill of competition will have spectators on their feet cheering until they’ve caught their breath from such an exciting race!

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