The Different Styles Of Boxing

Boxing is an exciting sport with many styles to choose from. From classic boxing to more modern styles of mixed martial arts, there are plenty of ways for you to find the perfect fit. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular boxing styles below so that you can explore your options and decide which one suits you best. Check out our list below!

1) Classic Boxing  – The original style of boxing dates back centuries ago where competitors fight in by using punches, “jabs”, “crosses” and “hooks”. This style has been around since 1867 when John Broughton introduced it as an offshoot of bare-knuckle fighting called or prizefighting.  – Boxing is the most intense sport you will ever find yourself doing. There are several different styles to choose from with each one bringing a new challenge for those who want to try something different than they have done before. Some people may prefer a purer form of boxing while others might be looking for more modern variations that include grappling. No matter what kind of atmosphere you enjoy training in there is definitely going to be a style that suits you.

2) Western Boxing  – A modern approach to boxing with the use of gloves where competitors fight within a roped square ring. First named “mitten fighting” because of the mittens worn by participants, this is where competitors fight using their fists to strike each other with the intent on winning. The first documented match in the modern era was between Jack Broughton and George Stevenson which took place in 1743.

This style of boxing is also called American-Style Boxing or “Amateur” Boxing because it became a popular sport due to its rise in popularity during the 1880s that led to a movement for standardization by creating commissions such as USA Amateur Boxing, Golden Gloves Championships, World Series of Professional Boxing, etc.

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