Get the Perfect Car Detailing Services from Expert Professionals

If you’re looking for car detailing services that will make your car look new, you need to call the professionals at Detailed Image. We offer a wide range of car detailing services that are perfect for any car owner. From interior car detailing to exterior car detailing, we can take care of everything for you. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible car detailing services in Gig Harbor WA and beyond!

Our car detailing services are available for both commercial and residential clients. We offer full-service car detailing including shampooing carpets, vacuuming seats & floors, cleaning windows & mirrors inside out! Our car detailers will also clean the exterior of your vehicle by using special products that remove dirt without damaging paint or clear coat finishes on newer vehicles. If you have an older car with no clear coat yet still want to get it detailed then we can do this too! Just let us know what kind of car you drive when scheduling an appointment with our team members so they can make sure there aren’t any problems before starting work on your automobile’s interior-exterior surfaces.

It doesn’t matter if you only need one car detailing service or all four – we’ll make sure every inch of your car is as clean as new when it comes out from under our care. Our car detailers are trained to do a thorough job on each vehicle they work with, so you can be confident that your car will look its best after being detailed by one of our employees! And don’t forget about our car wash services too! We offer hand car washes, full-service car detailing Gig Harbor WA, and more so you can keep your car looking its best all year round.

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